Январь 2018, Pune (Индия)


Пуна 2018

Уважаемые друзья. доктор Эдди Тиеленс 6-7 января провел совместный семинар с доктором Habbu (Индия) в городе Pune (Индия).

Тема семинара : «Глубокое понимание гомеопатической практики».

Эдди Тиеленс показал ряд видео-случаев, говорил о миазмах, часть семинара была посвящена практическим советам и т. д.


Доктор Habbu говорил о практических наработках в своей клинике, о важности общих физических симптомов, показал несколько случаев из своей практики; также говорил о ряде полихрестов.


Участники семинара были в восторге.

Вот их отзывы:


It was a great opportunity for us to listen to these starwarts.For a homeopathic students like me it was very inspiring .Thank you


It was a wonderful seminar.. Thank you so much for organising the Homoeocon 2018. We got the opportunity to learn a lot. :)


Thanks  ...Long awaited seminar.Its been the most satisfying experience .


Homeocon 2018 was a wonderful experience, everything about this seminar was perfect. The brilliance of both the speakers has enthralled me and it gave me great pleasure to listen to them.

Thank you to the entire team for giving such an experience.

Looking forward to many more.


The experiences and cases shared by sir was really valuable..

I like the observations part of Dr.Habbu sir and clinical cases of Dr. Eddy sir..

Thank you very much sir enlighten our knowledge.


Homeocon 2018 was really a great treat as we had Dr.Habbu sir n Dr.Eddy sir.

Got lot of practical knowledge which came from years of experience.

Very thankful to the sir n organisers for such a great seminar.

Looking forward to attend many more like this


We were lucky & had a great, wonderful oppurtunity to attend Homeocon 2018.

We are grateful to Dr.Habbu& Dr.Eddy to share their experiences & knowledge with us.

For us, this type of seminars will help us build our confidence.

Thanks to the organising committee.


It was great great academic feast...we all are fortunate.. thanx to Habbu sir Dr. Thielens and all organising committee


Homeocon 2018 was was an amazing opportunity for the students like us. There was so much to learn about. Got a chance to listen to all the experiences of such great homoeopaths.

Thank you so much for making us a part of this wonderful experience


My sincere thank you to the team Homeocon for organising the entire event so meticulously,for readily answering all our queries,for giving us an oppurtunity to gain the knowledge thats priceless.


For me in my life it was great achievement!!! Got to learn something  knew which is beyond book which was too authentic and amiable feeling lucky  with so many doctors at a time and vid 2 great Stalwarts Dr.Habbu n Dr.Eddy i really thank them.......that they showed a new way of treatment ....


We are blessed to have Habbu sir and Eddy sir and I’m blessed that I was a part of this conference

Thank you so much

For boasting my confidence that we can do miracles with our science if we completely submit ourselves with full dedication towards it

God bless you all

Including the organisers

Have a blessed day ahead