The discourse about an unprejudiced mind

The discourse about an unprejudiced mind


Dear friends,

I have some statements to make to all of you ,my beloved students and colleagues.


We Hahnemannians are especially at fault in not paying enough attention to objective symptoms.Examine the patient.Do not be biased in favor of the purely subjective symptom method, as is learned in so many  homeopathic schools.A patient of mine finally left me after very thorough prescriptions.She suffered with headaches.I could not help her with , in my opinion , a good  choice of remedies.She went to and ENT specialist.This doctor did an examination that  I failed to do .He removed  her nose polyps and the headache was gone.We must learn to differentiate between reflex symptoms and genuine ones.Here the headache was a reflex symptom and the primary disease were the nose polyps.

The concept of totality has to be adapted completely to modern medical investigations.Nowadays it implicates examinations in biochemistry and radiological imaging.Without MRI, CT Scan, when indicated of course, we cannot speak about prescription on totality.

The problem in the homeopathic diagnosis and therapy is that many of us are looking for what we want to find.”Unprejudice mind” says Hahnemann is on the contrary necessary to practice good homeopathy.

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Love to all of you.