Miasmatic transition : another Law of Nature.

Miasmatic transition : another Law of Nature.


When students ask me what the active miasma of flu is, my answer is multifaceted.The Spanish flu was syphilitic .Dead in 24 hours.Sneezing in the morning with a “ bless you” compliment.” Black death” in the evening with fatal  pulmonary blackish hemorrages and multi organ failure.50.OOO.OOO casualties.More than in the first world war.This fenomenon luckily changed into a sycotic periodic recurrent disease every year between december and march.This is a clear example of miasmatic dynamics.Saying that the overall influenza is miasmatically tubercular, syco-syphilitic, is correct.But in the Spanish flu the preponderance is syphilitic, while in our well known “ milder forms” every year, the predominance is sycotic.Now nature is so keen that syphlitic states are often quickly leading to exitus,are mostly not so long standing and active.Because the clue of this active syphylitic state is destruction, but especially AUTO- destruction.A syphilitic condition does not hold long, just because of that.This is an inherent nature law.The drama of interchanging miasmata is in fact as valuable as other natural phenomena as the law of similars, gravidity, action-reaction etc… It is the way nature uses for selfpreservation.

Tuberculosis epidemics, in the first half of the 20th century was gradually followed by cardiovascular outbreaks.The hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, was nature’s survival mode of protection against TBC.Hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis are in fact the very signature of a tubercular miasma, diagnostically equal to a positive Cuti test.Also generations after TBC persons in families, suffered often of anal fistulae.An outburst for the active tubercular state.A  prove is the fact that surgical excision of these fistulae was often followed by active TBC and other similar lung pathology.The same with insanity.Also insanity, “ cured” was replaced by active tuberculosis ( cfr. MM Prof.Kent) and vice versa.

Now let us put atheromatosis under the “miasmatic microscope”.Let us look at the atheromatosis of the arteria carotis branches.An ultrasound reveals plaques at the intima of fat deposits.Some are calcified.Other remain rather weak, in fact not so hard.The former are to be found in sycotic active patients.The calcification here , as compared to the tuberculous lung calcifications, offers a protection to desintegration of the plaque,which might be followed by multiple embolisation of brain arteries, leading to ( massive) stroke.The same indeed in pneumology.As we know some remedies as for instance Silicea, can be dangerous by disssolving the calcified protection , leading to dissemination and spreading of tuberculosis.I fact here Silicea changes the miasma from sycosis to syphilis, with destruction of the protective calcified tuberkel wall and dissemination of the disease.

Where the plaques are not calcified, syphilis is predominant.Here we have much easier loosening of plaque fragments, followed by brain infarctions and life treatening strokes or life long incapacities.

We as homeopaths owe Hahnemann eternal loyalty to his miasmatology, as to his Law of Similars.


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