Homeopathy and computer

Homeopathy and computer


Dear friends !

As you all know me very well, I like and want to make a sharp statement.
After all to make life better for homeopathy, for us and especially for our patients.

The worst thing that was ever invented for homeopathy is the computer.
I already mentioned this a few times, but now I have the urge to do something about it.
In my opinion it is the most important reason for our failures.
The use of it makes us lazy, dull, gives us the feeling that we are doing some scientific work.We would better stop working with it during case taking.

The reason is simple.
With the wrong concept of totality in the back of our head, and because it is so easy now, we use not only too many rubrics, but also rubrics which do not belong together.
We loose the guts to make a choice.
We wait too long to look into the MM book !

So many cases I have where the so called analysis pointed to a remedy, so complete, so well found, but no result was the outcome.
The problem is our selection.The selection of symptoms must fit the case.
The correct grouping of symptoms that belong together as Dr Kent says.
Recently I had a case where 15 rubrics pointed to many polychrests, but only two of them were useful. The other thirteen not at all, notwithstanding the fact that a lot of generals and mentals were there!

We forget that we only should open our repertory when we have a homeopathic symptom with similarity to this specific case.
Nothing else.
Do not go too far to look for more and more symptoms.It only makes our prescriptions worse.
Even after only ONE symptom, which is the TOTALITY then, go and study the materia medica of the remedies in it.

Use your computer very carefully in homeopathy. It can be very dangerous.
I cannot say many good things about it.

Yours sincerely,