Homeopathic reflections.

Homeopathic reflections.


It is so that using  the Synthesis repertory can be dangerous.  Looking in the chapter Mind at Rubric Schizophrenia there is hardly a reliable remedy .  Anacardium is there.But almost in every case of this disease, the patient hears voices.I would never trust Anacardium in schizophrenia, unless for instance the patient is always better by eating.The latter is a concomittant symptom, which makes the choice of Anacardium obvious.Not the pathognomonic symptoms of the disease make the prescription. Most of the additions in the Synthesis are unreliable too.Let us go for certainty and use the original Repertories of Kent, Boericke, Boger, Lippe,Boenninghausen, Phatak, etc…

About specifics in Homeopathy.We all agree that the name of the disease is not the clue for the remedy.But also that in migraine of children , statistically spoken, chances are high that Digitalis will cure.A paradox? Not at all. Empiricism and experience are the fundaments here.This idea was mentioned by Hering.Clinical experience, not necessarely based on provings.In case of bleeding after prostate biopsy, we know that Phaseolus is useful.In case of bronchiolitis post measles, we must study Chelidonium.These are golden rules.There is a great difference between this and the statement that in tonsillitis we must give Phytolacca, just like that.

We as Homeopaths like to talk about suppression, looking at our allopathic brethen.But we should first look into our own mirror.By the way, Homeopathic remedies are much stronger than allopathic ones.Certainly in the context of suppression.I still remember a case during my training.A teacher was so proud of a case where he treated a depression homeopathically, which finally  “ ameliorated” and ended in a heart attack.Law of Hering was his explanation.From psychic to physical?!?!  Nonsense of course.What happened in fact was a change from one diease form into another by suppressive remedies that never touched the miasma.Symptomatology disappears and transforms into another image, another disease, but still belonging to the same miasma or constitution which was never reached by the given remedies.That is in fact the definition of suppression.That is how incorrect treating of acutes finally add to a very complex multimiasmatic chronic disease. In case an acute is treated properly, not a metastasis of symptoms will take place, but constitutional symptoms will  emerge, which lead us to a deep miasmatic, non suppressive remedy.Then we can look with satisfaction at Aph.5 of the Organon.

The consequences of homeopathic suppression on the long run are the multiplication of one sided diseases in two directions.First group with paucity of symptoms.Second with overwhelming symptomatology where one has no time to repertorize, but must give a remedy at once.An example of the latter situation is invagination of the bowels in a baby.Suddenly at night waking up from colic like pain.Eventually a lump is felt in the lower abdomen.A  little slimy bloody defecation is a possibility too.Little patient has an indescribable expression.We do not wait here for fecal vomiting and complete strangulation.Suspecting this disease is already enough to give Lachesis high asap and try to keep away from the knife of the surgeon.

Nevertheless let us make a clear distinction between diagnostic and therapeutic symptoms.Hering proved a lot of remedies, but all the symptoms elicited from different remedies were almost all the same whatever remedy the great Master took.On the other hand many provers taking the same remedy, produced different symptoms notwithstanding the fact that it was the same remedy.This means that a disease or a remedy( artificial disease) can only elicit symptoms which are latent in the patient/ prover.That is called idiosynchrasia.The ultimate reason of existence of Homeopathy.Let us all be grateful that Hahnemann himself had an idiosynchrasia for China, otherwise our beloved science would not exist at all.


Dr.Eddy Thielens