My very dear friends,


I see it in that way.

We all know there is a continuum in life.We should step away from  Descartes’  post renaissance statement that there is a mind and body.This is non existing.This is one.It is a matter of attenuation – densification.The soul is dynamic, very diluted.The soma is the densified representation of the soul.The same with homeopathic treatment.The soul of the remedy is grasped in one single globule of a remedy.This densified little granule when attenuated and potentized  opens up a total pathogenesis of symptoms, as if the soul of the remedy escapes.The spirit is out of the bottle. When we treat the patient in the ideal homeopathic way, prescribing on the idiosyncrasia, individuality, we act on a dynamic level, supramolecular.Here we use the par.153 symptoms.

When we prescribe on the endstage pathology when individual symptoms are lacking,, we deal with densification, organotropic approach, whatever one can call it.Here we often need the so called symptoms of the disease, but we still try to individualize them.Yes even a tumor can be individualized, as the great Burnett once said.Here we are more on the molecular, physiological level.

So also prescribing is a continuum, whenever dis-ease represents a conflict between the  constant change in life and the principle of inertia, which exists in all of us, otherwise whe would fly away.And conflict is an element of drama.


Yours very truly,