Burnett Cleared the Way here for Us

Burnett Cleared the Way here for Us

Recommendation from Eddy Thielens

 Thanks to him and his very few followers, we understand the miasmatic and organotropic concept of Hahnemann. Burnett explains that there is much more than totality prescribing. And if we do not accept that, we will mostly “cure” only the so-called self-limiting diseases.

But the great practical difficulty is the choice we must make when starting with low potencies of organotropics, because Burnett emphasized the synorganopathy. A breast tumor was very often the pathological effect of a pelvic disease, etc...Well, if we do not see a clear portrait of a DISEASE, not a portrait of a personality as is very often wrongly stated, according to the Organon aphorisms 38 to 40, the symptoms of the sick person are overwhelmed by the dissimilar disease symptoms, which are more powerful than the former. So, we only see the effect of pathology. These are quite common and not differentiating. So homeopathically spoken, not so.But Burnett cleared the way here for us.

He recommended us to focus on the sick organ, because “an organism is as strong as is its weakest organ”. Here we must certainly start with organotropics in the so-called nutritional doses, low potencies and mother tinctures.

The situation becomes even more difficult when more dissimilar diseases of equal strength now, remain in the organism, cfr.aph.40, and form a complex miasmatic bound. That means that neither do we see any clear symptoms of the sick person anymore, nor of the disease itself. We only see a very vague image we can hardly call symptoms any longer, just a deteriorating sick patient. In this situation, it is not enough to explain it in schedules and levels, but we must try to do something about it of course. At this point, the rule of similarity takes a kind of different modus of expression. Here Burnett again gives us the clue. He recommends us to give the so-called zoic remedies, the “Nosodes”, for only these are strong enough to unravel the case. In high potencies, not so often, these nosodes work at the deepest miasmatic level, often unreachable by our classic homeopathic remedies.

I really ask myself, dear friends, how I was doing homeopathy trained at a school where even Burnett was very rarely mentioned.


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 Quotes from the book of Burnett “Gynecological diseases….”

«In merely organ diseases constitutional treatment is not indicated, and is therefore useless, use organ remedies in little material doses frequently repeated. On the contrary, organ hypertrophies from constitutional causes are not curable by organ remedies at all until the constitutional disease has been cured by infrequently repeated high dilutions of remedies closely homoeopatic thereto.»

«In fine, I would summarize the whole thing thus: - Where the organ-ailing is primary to the organ, use organ remedies in little material doses frequently repeated; where the organ-ailing is of a piece pathologically with that of the organism, use the homeopathic simillimum in high.