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My experience is that cancer patients will take ANY epidemic disease and are very susceptible to telluric influences.In case of grippe, diarroea,acute rheumatism,catarr, DO NOT STOP the chronic treatment, because if you should stop it, after the acute the patient is much worse.So articles 36 and following in the Organon, do not hold good in cancer patients.DO TREAT THE ACUTE as well.So how is this possible without accepting the much disputed ALTERNATION of remedies, dear friends?

The cancer patient needs and tolerates frequent doses of many alternating remedies in different potencies.


A woman who has a cancer history in the family and married a husband who had venereal disease in the past, develops cancer very often at once and with a quick evolution , idem dito bad prognosis.Very understandable for us, who studied the intermingling of miasmata very deeply. Of little importance for man who do not find the miasmatic study important  in their practice, with poor understanding of Hahnemann’s legacy.


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