Acute versus chronic.When pathology equals idiosyncrasia.

Acute versus chronic.When pathology equals idiosyncrasia.


Dear friends,

 Homeopaths often ask me the difference between an acute and a chronic remedy.Well the distinction is arbitrary.Meaning every so called chronic deep acting, miasmatic, antipsoric, mineral remedy can act as an acute.On the other hand very rare used remedies , acutely needed,can act very deep into the constitution.Example, when I was treating a whooping cough case superposed on an asthmatic diathesis with Mephitis, also the enuresis nocturna of the patient disappeared.Such a “small” remedy hit the patient very deep in his economy.I have seen Silica, known as slow and deep acting, relieve a child from ear pain in a few minutes, in an otitis acuta without fever.Everyone of us in such an acute case, with such high dynamics( minus the lack of fever of course) will look for a vegetable or animal remedy, energy-resonant on the high pain- and pitiful situation, like Silica’s acute namely Pulsatilla.

Now, the rule( very dangerous terminology in homeopathics) is that in case the acute and chronic are similar, the  same chronic remedy will  be used in the acute situation.If in case of dissimilarity between the acute and chronic, usually the acutely needed drug will be different from the chronic one.We all know that mostly during the acute episode, the chronic symptoms will be suppressed for the time being , necessary to let the acute run it’s course.Even in such a situation, which our common sense would understand as dissimilar, the choice of a different acute remedy is statistically high, but there are exceptions.For instance when a so called chronic constitutional symptom persists during the acute.This obstinate symptom does not listen to the Organon aphorisms 38 and 39, and is paramount in the choice of the acute remedy.Not necessarily so for the chronic.

In my experience it happens that pathological symptoms sometimes are equally idiosyncratic.I am treating for the moment a very severe case of Sudeck of the right hand after a trivial metacarpal fracture.The man experiences an electical current sensation in his sick swollen and purple hand.A very common Sudeck symptom.When compared with his constitutional symptoms, the same remedy comes up in both the symptom groups.The remedy is Secale cornutum.What now? Well, I found out that in these cases the so called acute is the same as the chronic remedy.In fact where pathology and idiosyncrasia collide.