A short note from my practice.

A short note from my practice.


Dear friends,


A short note from my practice. Hahnemann’s miasmatology should be better taken seriously in every homeopathic school. Abstinence of it in homeopathic education is a very strong and unforgivable error, making homeopathy a not enough understandable and unappreciated discipline.

Shame on teachers who do not emphasize it’s importance.

They’d better start studying the miasma’s themselves, and hurry up , because life is short. Ars longa, vita brevis.


I ‘v been trying to understand why some people get only physically ill after a very bad event in their life, without seemingly being disturbed on the mental- emotional plane.A case I recently had, opened my eyes a little further.A woman in the sixtees.Lost her son 6 months ago from pancreascarcinoma.She herself is a twin member.Already operated from malignant melanoma.Suffers from insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.Her epileptic twinsister died already at a young age.Suffered from epilepsy.Her grief very rapidly turned into periarhtritis of the right shoulder.Nightly aggravation.Etc… Ignatia does not help in those cases.Phytolacca  did.A syphilitic remedy.

These syphilitically predominant people seem not to incorporate their grievances in their mind, not that they do not suffer of course, but are what psychologists call, open for conversion hysteria.They do not let the problem too long in their mind, but translate it asap in physical complaints and idem pathology.It seems there is no place in their syphilitic brain.They are no nonsense people, with very poor empathic capacities , very logical, abstract,mathematical , but with a poverty of sentimental feelings.Take for instance a Kalium bichromicum patient.Stomach ulcus, very often after a stress period in their life.They drive the stress away from their non receptive mental sphere into the physical body.Being a school example of psychosomatosis.

So the things internal medicine professors teached us at the university, were already known , much ahead in time , in Hahnemann’s miasmatic system.A system that needed 12 years to be born and be relieved to the world.So also allopathy can be homeopathically explained.

A syphilitic patient, when you suggest a psychiatric consult, will mostly refuse, with the words:” Why doctor? I am not insane you know.”They only see black and white.No gray. This will make a few memories alive in you, I am sure.

A syphilitic teacher will always stay a Repertory homeopath.He will prescribe on many(often too many) rubrics, classified with his exact scientific tool, his computer.That is also how he teaches you to practice homeopathy.While a not syphilitic lecturer is more a MM man, a man who uses analogy( Boenninghausen)a man who can put himself into a patient’s situation, a teacher who is very often not understood by some students( this will make a bell ring by some of you), because miasmatically and metaphorically spoken, their marriage would not hold for a long time.A non syphilitic  teacher who  easily , after a few symptoms, jumps into the pathogenesis of a remedy, and prescribes here upon.Exactly as Hahnemann and Kent did.And many Old Masters.

Syphilis with predominance of the left cerebral hemisphere,while in  non syphilitic it is the right which is more developed.


Yours sincerely,