Drawn up by Olga Riabokon on the basis of the lectures by Eddy Thielens

Drawn up by Olga Riabokon on the basis of the lectures by Eddy Thielens

I first heard about a Belgian doctor Eddy Thielens (our colleague and teacher) long ago, and at the time those comments surprised and impressed me. Then suddenly Eddy Thielens came to Moscow and we fell in love with him – all of us, his students, and forever! He came just at the right time – our mind was looking for exactly this kind of teacher: the teacher who knows Organon, the theory of miasms, modern pathology and who has a keen sense of humor!

Eddy is constantly “sorting out” complicated miasmatic cases and he is teaching us to do the same. And believe me, to do this you need extremely high professional skills in homeopathy.

Eddy is tirelessly studying old homeopathic literature where unique successful cases are published, he tests this information in his practice and then brings it to Moscow for us.

In his seminars Eddy explains each clinical case by a paragraph from Organon. He teaches us to treat and to understand each case in terms of the miasmatic theory, and, like a mature dog trains its puppies, Eddy trains us how to search for and choose the correct rubric.

During the seminars we are caught up in Eddy’s humor; he equally shares both his bad cases and mistakes and unexpected victories and successes with us. We think together, laugh together and advance professionally together! During each meeting we remember this or that unsolved case from our practice and go away with the hope and certainty that now, equipped by this information, we will be able to help with that damned cystitis or that chronic headache…

Think of the below-written statements by Eddy, aren’t they amazing?!..

“We all owe a lot to syphilis as homeopathy appeared thanks to it…” “Homeopathy was born out of allopathy…” “We are bound to see useful symptoms in a few generations…” and after making a statement Eddy gives comments and explanations that you cannot help but accept.

The eyes at different levels, “Olympic” forehead, “boxer’s” nose, skull like buttocks, “Gothic” palate, the third nipple on the thigh, perticulum of the iris, or the so-called “Koch’s bacillus” – our readers probably know of what miasms the above are the stigmas.

If you know this – come and share this knowledge with us, if not – come all the more so! You will learn this and more.

Once Eddy told us about a case from Hahnemann’s practice: Hahnemann cured a patient from psychosis by the prescription of Stramonium. But one year later the patient died from a severe somatic disease as Stramonium worked only at the mental level and deep below the patient had more severe problems. All psychic (mental) diseases are the result of physical diseases in previous generations (2-3 generations before the actual mental problem). Unfortunately, many modern doctors try to cure mental problems without considering this genetic “load” and consequently fail.

I remember an Indian homeopath practicing in psychiatry who used to come to Moscow quite often and shared his “good” experience with us. This doctor had been trying for 3 years to cure a patient of mine from schizophrenia by prescribing only Mancinella. All this period the patient remained without both aggravation and amelioration, as if he were in anabiosis. But the doctor-psychiatrist did not prescribe any other remedy besides Mancinella, let alone prescribing a nozod. 

Such homeopathy is not that rare. This happens not because the doctors do not know miasms but because they are afraid of them!

They are afraid that by prescribing an antimiasmatic remedy (nozod) they will make a latent case “restless”. But the case will stop being stuck! It will move in either direction and we will see new symptoms for next prescriptions! This is good, this is better than a latent case without any symptoms! But at the same time it is matter of taking responsibility and not every doctor wants this responsibility. The only possible way to cure such patient is to “stir up” and “open up” the case but who is capable of working in such a way?

And how can we discover this miasmatic load? How can we see proper symptoms many generations later? What rubric should we take?

Miasms, miasms… They can be latent and active. We may make the prescription for the active miasm and it may turn out to be the curing one…

If we do not understand miasms we cannot make a prescription on the totality…

The prescription on the totality is the prescription of a remedy which takes into account both the underwater part of the iceberg and the underwater part – both the symptoms of the ancestors and the symptoms acquired by the patient during his life…

Without the knowledge of miasms we cannot control our prescriptions, we cannot understand where we have brought the patient! For instance, if during the treatment of AIT (autoimmune thyroiditis) the antibodies are gone but ferrum becomes high or parasites appear – how do we assess it? Is it good or bad? Was it a correct prescription or not? One can answer these questions only with the knowledge and understanding of miasms.

That is what homeopathy really is, not just “a box of granules for bronchitis” or “a box of granules for psoriasis”; homeopathy is extremely complicated and extremely difficult.


During his seminars Eddy Thielens talked about another “weak point” of many modern homeopaths. This “weak point” is called “delusions” and some homeopaths, especially those who go to study to India quite often, get really stuck in it. Some doctors “plunge” into the topic of delusions so deeply that they cannot “emerge” and never come back to real homeopathy…

From my experience I remember a curious case of one of my patients. She had been my patient for several years. All of a sudden she went for a consultation to another doctor - a popular doctor-homeopath (L.L.), the follower of Shankaran. The patient’s problem was her relationship with her husband – a high-ranking official and an extremely rich guy who was cheating on his wife shamelessly. Having listened to the patient the doctor prescribed her … Goldfish! Neither more nor less!

The distinguished doctor-homeopath saw in the patient, a plain humiliated sufferer, a goldfish who lived in a luxurious aquarium and generously counted out to her “valuable” granules of newly proved remedy!

Actually, the patient did not get better after this ultramodern expensive remedy and came back to me. When she got what she really needed – it is easy to guess that it was Staphysagria – the patient changed and peace returned to the family.

Kent wrote that it is incorrect to prescribe on delusions because it gives too much value to the mental symptoms and inevitably leads to the doctor’s fiasco. If, in addition, we recall that delusions are a certain form of survival in difficult conditions, then the above-described story becomes clear: the distinguished but not quite healthy doctor-homeopath subconsciously projects her own problems onto her patients. Her delusions become not just a veil but blinders.

But let’s get back to Eddy Thielens who knows Organon like “the Lord’s Prayer” and who re-reads it like Lippe and who then comes to us and tirelessly repeats that in our work we are not allowed to stray one step from Hahnemann, that it would lead to great problems! Who says over and over again that we needn’t invent new miasms, it would be quite enough to learn to distinguish the existing ones and to make correct prescriptions taking into account the genetic load of the patient’s previous generations.

And we must learn to do this during the rest of our lives!

Out of all human occupations the medical profession demands the highest level of human conscientiousness and, as Hahnemann wrote, we are prepared to spare our life for it.


Drawn up by Olga Riabokon on the basis of the lectures by Eddy Thielens