Homeopathy and pandemic Covid-19

Published 27.10.2020


Dear friends, dear colleagues !

I hear that some strange and dangerous complications may follow Covid 19 infections in Moscow. One of them is pneumothorax.Of  course this is an urgent situation that has to be hospitalized asap and treated by pneumologists and intensivists.

What can we do as homeopaths before sending this patient to specialists? Trying to individualize the treatment of course.But as we know, very dangerous acute situations, belonging to Aph 177 and following of the Organon , are often so overwhelming that we have almost  no homeopathic symptoms.Only clinical ones.But we must act anyway.Here speed trumps perfection indeed.So the choice of the remedy here is rather physiopathological than homeopathic.But still of the highest value anyway. As a pneumothorax patient inspires the air but expiration becomes more and more difficult, we must study Chlorum in the MM in Boericke and Clarke.

So as I realise that not every Covid patient is saved by Zincum muriaticum ( many other remedies are often  necessary to make the patient progress into the direction of convalescenc), so we cannot strictly speak about specifics in Homeopathy.But in such conditions we are happy if we can do something positive for the patient.That is why in acute pneumothorax cases , please give Chlorum before you hospitalize the patient, and possibly afterwards also.But in very low potencies.3X, 6X.Because the prescription is based on pathology, rather than on constitutional basis.

Clarke’s MM. Chlorum.
"Respiratory organs:
Sensation in lower and inner third of right lung as if it were ruptured and as if air escaped from lung into pleural cavity at each inspiration. Sudden tightness of chest. Pleurisy."


Hoping to be at your service with this message,and see you all very soon, please stay all in good health.

Sincerely yours, Eddy.




Published 02.04.2020

Dear colleagues, we are proposing the theoretical analysis of the remedy which may be useful in the COVID-19 pandemic.
The symptoms typical of this disease had been taken into the repertorisation, the information about which was obtained from intensive care specialists, the frontline staff who faces the enemy.
Dr. Anil Habbu from Pune, India, who convincingly points to the similarity between the symptoms of the disease and poisoning with zinc fumes, is a specialist in toxicology.
The homeopath with up to the 40 years of experience, he suggested that the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to those that occured in brass-founders.
Dr. Eddy Thielens from Belgium has already treated several patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 with Zincum muriaticum (chloride).
All of them recovered, there were no complications. However, Dr. Thielens adds cautiously, it is too early to draw the conclusions about whether they recovered due to the remedy or on their own.

Originally English text:  https://thielens.ru/en/useful/recommendations/a-homoeopathic-opinion-on-covid-19-eng/



Published 16.03.2020


Dear colleagues. Dear friends.

I also tried to give you my opinion about Corona. Please realise that this repertorial approach of mine is pure hypothetical. You will never hear me say that Homeopathy is superior in treating this pandemic.

Far from this.

After all how many homeopaths with their huge analyses have seen the inside of an Intensive Care Unit where patients are connected with ventilators? How many have experience with treating acute viral respiratory stress syndrome?

So let us be careful with our expressions and humble.