October 26-27, 2019



The Homeopathic Differentiaton. The great difference between diagnostic and therapeutic symptoms.


Basic clinical MM interwoven with practical tips and short cases.

Modern challenges in everyday homeopathy.

Is constitutional prescribing really satisfactory?


When the well selected remedy fails.

Constitutional effects of small remedies.

Prescribing on pathology versus on symptoms.


Conflict situations in homeopathy.


Addition to seminar topics:


Dear friends,

 Next topic I want to tell you about is something from years of empirism, also trial and error( I do not like to use the word experience – this is too Lycopodium like).About what symptoms we have to use.

A few months ago I  prescribed Oxalic acid for a young male patient with neuromyelitis optica: Devic’s disease( Devil’s disease would be more appropriate).The symptoms of Boericke’s MM were a perfect copy of his disease.I was more than enthousiastic, almost homeopathically spoken orgasmic.But disappointment soon followed after a severe aggravation, almost but fortunately not a reason for hospitalisation.No improvement afterwards.There I was.Yes there had to be some mistake in my remedy choice.Thinking, worrying, doubting and also a little despairing.Not about Homeopathy, but about myself.Where did I not obey  the Law?

A long period of intense research was following of course.Especially studying Dr.Stuart Close, a Master in Homeopathic Philosophy, and thinking about my former multiple  failures and little successes, I came to a conclusion which I certainly must share with you.Nothing much about this issue is written, but  Lecture 26 of Prof.Kents’s Philosophy helped me also.Afterwards I could help, not cure, but really help this poor fellow with the remedy that belongs to his constitution and not so to his disease.Silicea 10M in  infrequent doses made him better in every way.

Well, indeed Dr.Raue was right saying that symptoms with diagnostic preponderance are of much less importance for the remedy choice compared to symptoms far away from the pathology and belonging tot he patient.Especially we must  look for grouping of symptoms, meaning a group that makes sense , belonging to an individual constitution and further to an underlying miasma or dyscrasia.

Now dear friends, I remember a case of 25 years ago of polymyalgia rheumatica, in an old stonecutter.Agaricus immediately prescribed on his facial twitching cured the trouble in 5 days.Really cured.Clinically and biochemically.Facial twitching remained, useless to say.I managed to prescribe on the man, not on the disease.A few cases of the same disease afterwards were a failure and needed corticoids, because I could not find the necessary individual symptoms.

On the other hand, even when the disease is a perfect copy of a remedy pathogenesis, giving us a thrill (least I can say), one has to be carefull.Very often the effect will be aggravation and , if we are lucky, some palliation.Sometimes welcome, I admit.But very seldom a cure.

All your comments are very warm welcome! I think our colleague Eleonora will call it “high mathematics” again.

About this difficulty, I want to teach during the next seminar in october.


Yours very truly,