25-26 March 2017


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About the next seminar topics.

Homeopathy gets more and more difficult each year.A lot of pillars of certainty are getting blurred.How much can we still depend on modalities, which were so important once?Most chronic patients are already under allopathic treatment.E.g. a case of asthma.Time modalities loose their reliability, depending on the moment  brochodilators are taken.Acute feverish children are brought to our consultation room, already under allopathic antipyretics.So what about the acute symptoms?Most rheumatic patients are under antiflogistic treatment already, and suffer  more from the side effects than from the original disease.So what to do? Well we need help.Help from reliable auxilliary methods.We already have the experience that concomittants are very important to guide us but because of their changeability and inconstancy, we very often have to hurry to grasp them.The Woodward system I explained to you can be helpful but is anything but complete of course.Diathesic prescribing if the primary family anamnesis can be detected.Knowledge of miasmatic stigmata is very necessary.Observation is and stays of outmost importance, and is one of the basics that survived the battle against the abrasion of time.In my experience Dr.Schussler often comes tot he rescue.A biochemic approach, not based on provings but on earlier experiences from Von Grauvogl and Hering.A system very often criticized because misunderstood by “ purists”.Even Kent appreciated Schussler! Burnett, that genius is indispensable! Let us not forget Rademacher and Paracelsus.A firm knowledge of physiological MM (Burt et al.)can help often.Deeper understanding of remedy relationships also.A simple pision in alkaline and acid remedies is worth the try.Going back tot he alchemists and consult the Tabula Smaragdina of Hermes is  maybe  a bridge too far but has it’s own reason of existence.

“Every disease according as it develops in this or that person,manifests a different and inpidual character. The objective point of the physician’s investigation at the bedside is therefore, an inpidual diagnosis,first on purely scientific grounds, but still more important from the practical consideration that it must form the indispensable basis for inpidualizing the treatment.” ( Vierordt, Diagnosis, 1898).

That is what our next seminar will be about.

Finally I found an answer to a question that baffled me for a very long time.When sometimes students asked me about potency selection I felt quite uneasy, simply because I did not know the answer.And it seems no one does.Selecting high potencies on mental – emotional pathology and low on physical complaints is total nonsense.No dear friends, the answer is in the miasmatic categorisation of Dr.Von Grauvogl.A very long forgotten genius in Homeopathy, hardly spoken of in lectures, even mostly unknown.I will talk about this topic extensively in the next seminar.

With love and respect to all of you my very beloved students,

Yours sincerely, Eddy Thielens.

Dear colleagues!

Please note that there will be live cases in the spring seminar program.