23-24 October 2021

In handling a case all depends on the individuality.Not on the totality.Not on an exact repertorisation neither.Be careful giving the exact so called simillimum to an organism that is not ready to receive it.However correctly chosen that simillimum may be.If so there will be an elimination of toxines, that will only work out properly if the organism has the necessary channels to get rid of  it.That is how so called “ homeopathic” aggravations arise. Here most frustrating mistakes will take place.The patient has the impression that homeopathy only has aggravations to give.How often one sees this in eczema for instance.After every prescription the skin gets worse and worse.The doctor gets disappointed.Because he is right when he thinks he prescribed the simillimum.But no at the right time, not on the right place.Forget that aggravations have to do with potency.That superstition leads to different schools of prescribers.Low potency prescribers, highpotency  ones, LM ones etc…. Sterile discussions emerge.Useless homeopathy follows.

So I cannot agree when I lately saw a lecture of a homeopath saying that in an acute, when the patient shows constitutional symptoms, he needs his constitutional remedy.Not at all .Be very careful here.Look for the capability of the sick person to handle  a toxine elimination.Is he prepared for his so called ground remedy?Or is it still too soon.Or maybe  it is not indicated at all, that “ golden “ remedy that our teachers learned us to find with exact repertorisation, to find out finally that the patient did not improve at all.

Only a homeopath who knows the relationship of remedies will be able to get out of this pitfall.Because here the antidotal remedy must be given.Not to make the action of the given constitutional remedy stop.On the contrary to canalise it.To make it physiologically acceptable for the patient. Do not become a simillimum hunter.It will not work that way!

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