23-24 March 2019

Dear friends, dear  beloved students,

It is a long and difficult journey from the original spiritual-dynamic concept of disease by Hahnemann,  to the anatomopathological end result, where cure very often is not possible anymore.

But somewhere, it can be anywhere, on that line we meet the sick person, face to face.And it is that specific pattern that dictates us the  all important idiosynchrasia , we need so badly to prescribe on.Our success rate frequently depends on the exact position of the patient in that ever changing evolution.After all the only constant and very necessary  thing in live, is paradoxically, continuous change.Without this,  live stagnates and petrification results.

Until now in many schools, prescribing on subjective symptoms has been too much emphasised.Because here people were looking for the “symptoms of the patient” , as it is so wonderfully expressed in many books.But homeopaths trained in such schools have a lot of difficulties in daily practice.In their computorised approach they are lost in too many feelings and sensations of the patient, on what they concentrate too much.The result often being that -if they are lucky- the patient “ feels better” but the disease progresses.And unfortunately the therapist, being aware of the importance of mental improvement,wrongly  believes he did a wonderful job.While in reality the future shows the opposite and frustration about the deterioration of the patient’s health is the result.Finally the homeopath starts doubting about his own knowledge, even about  the homeopathic doctrine.

We know that our provings were very seldom carried out far enough to produce “end result symptoms”.But even then, we cannot conclude that in such a case where proving of a drug really produces tissue change, this drug is able to cure this .We must learn a lot from toxicology. We know that Phosphorus is known for producing heart- and liver fatty degeneration, which does not implicate it will cure this pathological state.It only means that in such a situation, where Phosphorus is clearly indicated, the remedy given can possibly turn the patient’s economy back to order, and fatty degeneration is avoided at the end.After all Hahnemann payed a lot of attention to  “what is curable in a disease”. It is this concept,much neglected in homeopathic education, that will be largely and deeply explained, practically and theoretically, in our next seminar.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours very truly,


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