Homeopathic archeology

Homeopathic archeology

Comparing the quality of homeopathy done in the U.S.A. at the end of 19th century, beginning 20th, to what is left of it nowadays, nobody will doubt about the fact that contemporary practice means nothing more than a caricature of something which can be hardly called homeopathy.

That is why in my seminars, I always emphasise the Old Masters.But unfortunately many names of great prescribers are forgotten or hardly mentioned in homeopathic literature.My last seminar was dedicated to Dr.A.W.Woodward, Professor in Materia Medica at the Homeopathic College Clinic in Chicago from1885 till 1910.Woodward is only just one of them.Looking at the positive results in very serious, often lethal diseases, of epidemic origin, many names are mentioned in the old magazines.Research in this matter is one of my passions.It is not always Allen, Lippe, Nash or Kent we have to study.I am sure most homeopaths never heard about Henri Noah Martin, Eli Jones and many others.Isn’it sad that many successful prescribers are hardly mentioned and remain hidden in homeopathic education? An important analogy is found in history lessons.Also here there was emphasison on the West and the USA,while the East with his culture and knowledge was hardly mentioned.

So history repeats itself.

My following seminars are a thorough study of what is practical important in our daily prescriptions, based on information about cases, MM and philosophy found in this “hidden treasures”.

With my kindest regards and love to my students of our Homeopathy School in Moscow.

Yours truly, Eddy Thielens.

1 Nov 2016