20-21 October 2018

Dear  friends,

Limitation in the number of homeopathic remedies, a practice often used by some who mostly prescribe not more than 7 or 8  polychrests , is a very dangerous practice. It is totally against the MM which we find so wonderful illustrated in books like Boericke and many more.It really limits the application of the heritage from our great Masters.That method is only possible if one allows great bias coming into the art of selection of the most similar remedy.Which was very much criticised by Hahnemann himself.Because of the broadspectre capability of  polychrests, per definition this can end in the disappearance of the most annoying symptoms, very much approved by patients and doctor.But the doctor should know better.He or she must realise that the aim is to remove the totality that finally ends in bringing order into the economy while reaching the contitution and miasma of the patient.Read aphorism 205 and 206 of the Organon.We should not become only symptom scavengers.That is what Homeopathy is all about as you all know.That distinguises us from allopathic prescribing.

Now, that pseudosucces of removing the most outstanding symptoms, which is especially possible because of the great inherent force of the polychrests, is not only unhomeopathic but also, as I mentioned before, in fact nothing more than suppression.Which leads to a greater miasmatic load towards the chronic disease.And also to the contemporary situation, where we are mostly confronted with one sided diseases.Very difficult to treat as we all are aware of.

Thank you all for your attention,