Online Nov.2021. Questions and answers. Part 2.

“...Covid in the form of gastroenteritis- what active miasma is it?
And generally speaking, what is the active miasma in a patient when the elimination of toxins is done through severe vomiting and diarrhea..?”
In severe vomiting and diarrhea the active miasma is psora or tuberculinism. The organism tries to get rid off the toxines. After diarrhea when the disease transfers to another system, the lungs, for instance, - it is psora. When the transfer stays in the gastrointestinal tract it is tubercular.

“...Can you briefly elaborate about various Tuberculinums?”
Tub Koch: the most quick acting. Usually in patients with a good immune response.  
Tub aviare: asthma and post-influenzal pneumonia.
Tub residuum: soft acting, the most slow and psoric. Good for Bechterew disease for instance.
Tub Marmoreck: delicate syphilitic children with weak immunity. Very efficient in Tietze syndrome, for instance.
Tub Bovinum: especially for angina, sinusitis, otitis, upper respiratory infections. Also for eczema, chronic diarrhea, chronic cystitis. Also for lymphadenitis.
Tub Denys: plethoric sycotic floride patients with red congestive face.
Bac: acute infections lower respiratory system. Broncho-pneumonia. Profylactically and curative for TBC and pleuropneumonitis. Eczema eyelids.Crusta lactea. Bat- wing eczema infants.

“...My question: Scope of homoeopathy in neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. And scope in congenital problems like Vesicoureteric Reflux in infants?
is it Cyclamen?”
 “...cases that might end up requiring surgery (cholecystitis, appendicitis, diverticulitis etc) are those types which require alternating remedies or remedies in series to overcome to acute? and possibly avoid surgery?..”
In Parkinson I had a case where I could help in an acute Parkinson crisis with Ant tart. Just by the strong desire for fruits then. Palliation of course. In vesicoureteral reflux I would first think of Medorrinum. To prevent surgery, IF POSSIBLE. Example: acute invagination in a baby,R/ Lachesis high. Cholecystitis:  prescribe on symptoms, Berb vulg, Chel, Bell, Dioscorea etc…

“...Many authors warn against the repetition of Carsinosinum. How to use this nosode for children and in what potency?..”
There is no danger with any homeopathic remedy when indicated, nosodes or not, whatever potencies. Only unnecessary repetitions can disrupt a case. No danger with Carcinosinum. Use it like any other remedy. Just be careful with Phos and Sil also Sulf in TBC, as I mentioned in the seminar. Also with routine prescriptions like Merc sol in angina. When not properly indicated it can cause suppuration and a peritonsillar abcess.

..Eddy, you use different Repertories in your practice...
What makes your choice of the Repertory in this or that case?...
Rep of Phatak. If possible fourth Ed.
Repertory Boericke.
Synoptic key from Boger.
Original Kent.
Be aware of Synthesis. Not at all complete. Contains much unreliable additions.