14-15 November 2020 - Online


Dear friends, colleagues, students, experts in Homeopathy,

 Since the Covid pandemic, we Homeopaths, students of Kent and Hahnemann, are standing before a new challenge. Not only the acute care of Corona patients, but also the long after effects of this viral pandemic must be our greatest focus here. And we know that once a disease becomes chronic, we as homeopathic physicians, have a lot of privileges compared to our allopathic confraters.The way to convalescence here is often long and tedious.But it exits, that’s for sure. Sometimes only palliative, but anyway we must follow our method.

That will be one of our topics.

Another will be a more clinical and practical approach to our MM knowledge application. There is so much unspoken in Homeopathic teaching. Too much emphasis is given on constitutional prescribing.This is very important of course. But on the other hand, also Kent writes that a patient does not necessarely needs his constitutional remedy now, that fitted him or her 20 years ago.This can be not only ineffective often but also possibly  harmful.Let us all be flexible and obey Hahnemann, who dictates us in his first Organon aphorism, that the only and highest mission of a physician is to cure the sick.Nothing else.There are as you know a lot of onesided diseases where the approach must be otherwise than constitutional, but, mind you,  still homeopathic.Here we find a lot of open spaces in teaching.This is often one of the reasons neophytes and even people with experience, get frustrated and lose confidence in our science.Because a science it is, be sure of that.

Yes, you understand me well, I mean pathological prescribing, but in a homeopathic context.With homeopathic inductive methods, as Hering and Lippe learned us.

Here we also reach the subject of borderline MM, as I call it.The peripheral, not so outstanding and not so well known qualities of our MM, which are assembled in clinical empiricims and years of experience. We owe so much to Dr.Hering for this. He was the man who started this approach, but finally only a few followed him. That is why my research in old magazines, English, French and German, helped me so much in my practice. I want this part of Homeopathy to be  revived and used in daily practice.Just because it simply works and makes our presribing more succesful. That I what I want to pass through to all of you, my friends, in the next seminar.

May God help me with this. I miss you all. I miss Moscow .

 Yours truly,