Whooping cough

Whooping cough

In the January evening of 2017, an eight-year-old unvaccinated girl suddenly got a severe dry cough. The next day the temperature rose to 39.5C. The cough had quickly become of a spasmodic nature, with gagging at the end of each attack.


Between the coughing attacks the child was struggling to breathe. Sometimes the attack was ending with vomiting. During the cough, her face was slightly red.


She had coughing attacks about once an hour at night, and more often during the day; it was getting worse when she was lying down and when she woke up.


The fresh air seemed to please the child, but it did not affect the frequency of coughing, and the general condition remained the same. She had no thirst. Sometimes right after the coughing attack she felt a tickling behind her sternum.


The mother of the child is a homeopathic practitioner, and during a week and a half the girl had been receiving the following remedies:


Ferrum phosphoricum,






Hepar sulphur,





Nux vomica,



Carbo veg.,



All remedies had been given to her in different potencies.


Within a week and a half the temperature had dropped not more than for one degree and then started to raise up again. It seemed that the remedies did not affect the coqueluche-like cough.


During the examinations, the pharynx was usual, the abdomen was soft.  Auscultation of the lungs revealed nothing.


At the end of the second week of the disease the child's mother wrote a letter to Dr. Eddy Thielens asking for help.

His prescription was as follows:


The Schussler's salts: Kali muriaticum 6x and Ferrum phosphoricum 6x every hour, in alternation, and Naphtalinum.


Naphtalinum 30 was at home. In the evening and at night the child received two sips of the remedy dissolved in water.


By the time the Schussler's salts were bought the next morning, the temperature was still high, but the paroxysms of cough stopped.


The exhausting whooping-like cough, from which the whole family could not sleep, had simply vanished after two sips of the remedy Naphtalinum. The child began to receive Schüssler's salts in alternation. The temperature remained the same, and there was an infrequent, deep rattling cough (the nature of the cough had been completely changed). The girl began to crave for the warm water, and drank it with pleasure.


In the evening of the same day, she received Chelidonium 200 in a solution, a few sips, and within two days the temperature dropped to normal,  and the recovery was rapid.


There have been outbreaks of whooping cough  for several winters in the area where the child's family lives.
X-ray examination and the smear were not carried out.


Argumentation for the prescription of Naphtalinum:  Whooping cough, long and continued paroxysms of coughing, unable to get a respiration. Acute laryngotracheitis (Boericke). Argumentation for the prescription of Ferrum phosphoricum: Catarrhal inflammation, the initial stage. Pertussis.
Argumentation for the prescription of Kali muriaticum: Pertussis, cough is short, acute and spasmodic (Boericke and Dewey, 12 tissues of Schüssler).

Argumentation for the prescription of Chelidonium: Suspicious pneumonia,  desire for hot drinks, cholestasis in the anamnesis.