The patient sent the first e-mail to Dr. Eddy Thielens on September 13, 2016.

The case was followed by e-mail.

A young woman, a doctor-homeopath, described her problem:

“This is what happened to me: ….

Subject: Tetanus case
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016

«Dear Eddy, I have attended your workshops in Homoeopathy in Moscow. I have a serious situation and I was wondering if you could help me with it. I stepped on a rusty nail about 2 months ago, which was curved and went half way through my sole. I have taken 3 doses of Ledum straight after. Afterwards the wound inflamed and in 4 days time I developed tetanus symptoms -first sore throat, inability swallowing, stiffness in the neck, trismus, opisthotonos (although mild form), muscle twitches. I was admitted to hospital and treated with human immunoglobulin, I also took Hypericum, Rhus Tox, Nux Vomica and Pyrogen. Pyrogen was the remedy that saved me. I had an operation on my foot and wasn't supposed to put any weight onto the foot. In 2 months time I started walking and putting pressure onto the foot. I've had a relapse of symptoms - sore throat, inability swallowing, stiff neck and muscle spasms. This time I took Pyrogen right away and my general state improved dramatically, the cramps responded extremely well to Cicuta, neck stiffness relieved with Lauroceratus. I also took 1 dose of Tetanus nosode 200C. I was also given anti-tetanus serum and it helped me a lot. However, symptoms, although better, have not gone away and there is swelling and redness around the wound. When I step on the foot, it hurts and symptoms flair up in a very mild form. My temperature is also around 37 and doesn't go down. Could you please help me? Allopathic doctors are reluctant to re-open the wound and clean it, as they don't see clear tetanus picture and they don't believe that Homoeopathy can control the symptoms to that extent.»


Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016

«Dear Y.,

 We have to start with “ constitutional effects of wounds”. The best constitutional info you can give me is the CHRONOLOGICAL appearance of symptoms as far as you remember.Seriatim.

We have to look for a pattern concerning the sequence of Skin and sensorial organs, Digestive, Spinal, Respiratory,Circulatory,Genito-urinary and Mental symptoms.As well in chronics as in acutes.

You made very good prescriptions, but now we are in convalescence and must go tot he active miasma».

The response of the patient 

«Dear Eddy, thank you so much for helping me! Here are the symptoms in chronological order: 1. Foot got swollen, but not excessively, and dark-red, soreness in the foot

2. Swelling went somewhat down, but not to the original form, still sensation of soreness.

 3. Crawling and tingling in calves

4. Sore throat, sensation of general weakness

5. Slightly hyper-excited state, crawling and numbness in calves increased, slight muscle twitches here and there

6. Nervous excitement increases

7. Neck is tight and rigid, soreness of throat increases, weeping

8. Feeling of coldness in spinal muscles, rigidity of spine, mini-opisthotonos

9. Teeth chattering, jaw is stiff, inability to fully open the mouth

10. Whole body goes into spasms in waves

11. Thighs shake incontrollably

12. Upper lip lifts into a sarcastic smile, twitches of facial muscles

13. Extreme weakness

14. Cough, expectoration of blood-streaked mucus, bloody crust in the nose (at this point God urged me to take Pyrogen 1M).

All my twitches and contractions were in a miniature, a person looking at me would not see them with naked eye, I tried Hypericum, Rhus Tox and Nux Vomica before Pyrogen. During the recovery, last symptoms to go away were spasms of neck muscles and  soreness of throat and tingling in calves. All the symptoms disappeared within the following month. However, the wound didn't heal well, its colour was close to purple, the hospital re-assured me that it was nothing to worry about. After 2 months recovery, I started to put weight onto the foot and the symptoms appeared again:

1. Feeling of discomfort in the foot, stinging sensation

 2. Foot swollen and purple

3. Extremely sore throat, stiffness in the neck, feeling of weakness

4. Muscle twitches here and there 5. Sensation of coldness in the spine,especially sacro-iliac joint and kidney region, rigidity of spine, chattering of the teeth.

This time I used Pyrogen straight away, Cicuta for muscle spasms and Lauroceratus for stiffness in the neck. It seems that a spore was left during the first operation and as soon as I start walking, these symptoms flared up. Allopathic doctors don't see any clear tetanus symptoms and my blood is clear, so they cannot be convinced to re-open the wound and clear it out. I was given anti-tetanus serum, it improved the look of the wound, it became pink, but as soon as I walk and put pressure onto the wound the symptoms return. I know that the root of the condition is still there and I am only fine because of homeopathy. I am so, so grateful for your help!!!!! All the best, Y.


Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

«Dear Y.,

 take Camphora 10M  2 times a day morning and evening during 3 consecutive days.Let me know in a week.»

FU 22 september 2016

The response of the patient 

«Dear Eddy,

Camphora has had the most wonderful effect. In the first 2 days, each time I took a dose, I've had an intensification of pretty much all of the symptoms, especially sensation of coldness in my back and calves, as well as little twitches in my legs, stiffness in the neck and sore throat, followed by a sensation of heat, nearly sweat. On the third day the colour of the area around the wound changed - from mottled, dark red it became light red, pink, pretty much like the rest of the foot, it hasn't had this colour since the original injury in July and it is the same colour now. Within the first 3 days, my temperature has gone down to normal and is normal up to now. I also don't have that much soreness and sensitivity around the wound, and the twitches around the wound have stopped. The swelling has also gone down quite a bit. Now I started trying to walk normally. Yesterday and today I was walking pretty much normally and I started getting the soreness of the throat back and the sensation of coldness in my calves, along with little twitches(I've had that sensation of coldenss in my calves pretty much through the week), but when I walk, I don't feel that much pain and discomfort in the wound. On the whole, I am so, so much better than I was a week ago. Now the only thing that happens is that when I walk the symptoms return somewhat (soreness of the throat, coldness in the calves, slight nervous agitation, but especially sensation of tightness in the throat), but the appearance of the wound itself is a lot better, as well as painfulness in the wound is gone. What shall I do?

All the best, Y.»