Сase of influenza

Сase of influenza

The girl of 13 years of age had been suffering from flu. She experienced a myalgia with a high fever. She was restless and thirsty, constantly sipping water.

Arsenicum album 200 given every 3 hours made no change in her condition, but the new symptom popped out: while coughing her shoulder got painful.

In Phatak's Repertorium one could find a rubric: Shoulders, and region - cough, agg - right, agg. The only remedy presented here is Pyrogenium.




The prescription was Pyrogenium 10m.

In 10 hours the girl became safe and sound.


Pyrogenium is even more restless than Arsenicum album. Its fidgety is alike that of a perpetuum-mobile state, and motion does not soothe its sufferings.