Left-sided pneumonia in a child

Left-sided pneumonia in a child

An Indian doctor asked Eddy to help with his case of left-sided pneumonia in a child. The child had been feverish for 5 days and the applied homeopathic treatment was not successful.

The doctor's description of the case represented the following picture:

The kid refused to take any remedies. She said: "I want to be healthy again, but I do not want to take medicines!"

She had very clean tongue, pains in bones, she was restless and thirstless.

Before the onset of pneumonia she had a good reaction on Pulsatilla.



Eddy prescribed to take Hyoscyamus niger 10m one dose and wait for 10 hours.

Lachesis refuses to take medicines too, but its tongue is not clean.

It is quite unusual observation, this clean tongue during pneumonia.

Hyoscyamus covers both rubrics, it refuses to take medicines and has a clean tongue.

There is an interesting rubric in Kent's Repertorium: Fever - Continued fever - pectoral.

The doctor, who was in charge of this case, has written afterwards that the only dose of Hyoscyamus niger was successful enough to cure the child.