Left-sided facial paralysis

Left-sided facial paralysis

The female aged patient had been suffering from left-sided facial paralysis for 5 months. An allopathic treatment did not bring any results.

Shortly before the onset of the disease she had undergone a plastic surgery for her upper lids. There was bleeding from the left lid during the surgery, and the surgeon coagulated the vessel. During this procedure she suddenly felt a sharp lancinating pain. Next day she went shopping. It was cold outside, -10 C, and her face got very sensitive to it. The upshot was a left-sided paralysis of her face.

During the consultation the marked symptoms of the facial paralysis were seen - she could not close her left eye and the left corner of the mouth dropped down.

If you see two-sided facial paralysis with two corners of a mouth dropped down, you should think of Agaricus. The symmetrical lesions are of a syphilitic display.

If you see short fingers and a square palm, you realise that it is sycotic stigma. Asymmetrical lesions are mostly sycotic ones. You should h
think of Medorrinum in such cases.

I had a case of eczema on both hands, and the eruptions were symmetrical. I succeded with Arnica.


Thyroidinum also has symmetrical eruptions. There is a very interesting rubric:

Back to our case. The doctor said that he did not have many symptoms, except those of a clinical value. The rubrics taken are following:





The remedy chosen was Cadmium sulphuratum 200 dry dose every day. Next day she was feeling better. During the first week the improvement was 60%.  In the very beginning of the treatment she noticed that her left nasolabial fold had gotten more pronounced.
The beauty of homeopathy is that if a remedy is chosen properly, an effect will be seen even in "old" cases.