Dear colleagues,

we would like to share with you the very interesting case of Eddy Thielens. He wrote about it via mail to his friends and we have kept his original style.
You can not only see his professionalism, but also witness his modesty, thoughtfulness and respectful attitude towards his friends-students. 

LETTER 1, from November 27,2017: “My dear friends!

I send you an unfinished  case from this morning, maybe with a wrong prescription of mine but       nevertheless interesting in my opinion.I will know the result in 14 days and sure let you know.

Woman 64 years young. Tired. Sleepless.Emaciated “I am too tired to eat.I want to stay in bed.I am even too tired to sleep.But I like dancing very much.When I dance I am not tired.But when a man makes advances I become tired immediately.I went to may doctors already.No result.Please Doctor take my tiredness seriously.”

Was operated for disc hernia lumbar region 10 years ago. Looks thin scrawny like Ambra, Secale etc….

I prescribed Helonias 200  one single dose.Look in Boericke.

What do you think?”


LETTER 2: “Dear friends,

Do not look directly in the Rubric Dancing.Try to read between the lines.Quote Boericke: “Tired backachy females.Patient must be doing something to engage the mind.Tired.Enervated by indolence and luxury.”

Rubric Sleeplessness from weakness.Rubric  Emaciation.But this is explainable.She does not even care to prepare food for herself, if it was not for her grandson.General rubric Lassitude.”


LETTER 3. “Dear friends,

What I want to say is that the dancing here on itself is in my opinion not so important, so that we cannot really look at it as an attempt to relieve the venous stasis by exertion as we see in Sepia.

I think it is only engaging and perting the mind, which is typical for Helonias. It could be anything that engages the mind in Helonias.For her here it is dancing.So I think we should look at this, and not pay too much focus on the rubric dancing per se. Most homeopaths will not think of Helonias here because of it’s absence in this rubric.That is a great mistake we all make.We should put our choice far above the rubrics.”


LETTER 4. "Anna, 

Je viens de lire dans La Matière Medicale Pratique de Charette: ”Je suis si fatiguée que je ne peux dormir.” 

Une femme guerie avec Helonias. 







I've just read in the Practical Materia Medica of Charette: "I'm so tired that I cannot sleep."

This women was cured by Helonias.





LETTER 5, from December 11, 2017: "Dear friends,

The woman who got Helonias is much better.From the first week she felt much more energetic.The tiredness left her legs, she says. She has more courage for her domestic tasks like preparing food etc… From the first week her sleep was better.But in her opinion “still troublesome”. Not like it has to be she says. I prescribed Helonias 30CH  two times a day from now on. I will report you in a month.


Many hugs,