The Letter 1 from November 24, 2017:

"Dear FRIENDS, colleagues, doctors, ladies, students,

Boy age 14. Attention Deficit Disorder. Herpes about  lips regularly. Bed wetting till 10 years old. Clammy hands. Offensive footsweat. Diarrhoea from anticipation. Growth in length too fast. Great need of sleep. Always whistles. Falls asleep in a car. Can be sick in a car.

Very restless, also when sitting. Concentration difficult at school and studying.

At a certain moment I ask for dreams. The boy spontaneously says they are prophetic. Mother did not know that. He gives a few examples. I look in the rubric and immediately asks about clumsiness. The mother surprised as she is about the question, says he very often drops things. He is very clumsy. No stammering. Atopic eczema. Desire salt. I give Bovista 10M one dose in the morning. Same evening the boy becomes passive and his hands very dry. Next day feels sick, hands wet again, eczema more pronounced in skin folds. Coughing. Dyspnoe. Herpetic eruption under his nose. It is too soon to ask about behavior, but I will see him again around 14 december. I did not touch the aggravation. Not so bad. Rather positive in my opinion."

The Letter 2 from December 18, 2017:

"Today the mother of the Bovista young man called that his concentration was much better.
14 days after Bovista and after a quick intense aggravation with herpes, and eczema flared up, the concentration became better on some days, which was not so before. Then I prescribed one dose of Medorrhinum 200 (You know that after Bovista high the aggravation was quite strong. The mother was afraid that the second prescription of Bovista would do the same during the boy's exams, so was I.
I had to do something because after the first dose of Bovista the result was in my opinion not satisfactory enough, notwithstanding the positive appreciation of the effect. So I prescribed the indicated nosode, knowing that nosodes very seldom aggravate.
With good result and no aggravation this time. My decision to give him Medorrhinum was based on the fact that  I know the family and they have a strong sycotic load. Another reason was that he presented concordant Medorrhinum symptoms. In cases like this the only remedy cannot cure; very often satellite remedies are needed. That is the strategy which is worth to be learned to use when meeting this awkward aggravation).
Now concentration is very well. He passed very well though exams."

The Letter 3 from December 20, 2017:


"Dear friends,

About the Bovista case.
”Doctor, I feel more calm  compared to before. I have periods of excellent concentration, very often. But sometimes I am still easily distracted”. Hands sweat less. Feet still do. Indeed he can sit more relaxed and moves his hands less than before.
Acne in face is practically gone. No dreams anymore. Still drops things sometimes.
I prescribed Bovista 6CH  one dose now. Next follow up is in the end of January.

 Many hugs,