The letter 1, March 14, 2018:

"Dear Eddy!
 Our daughter got sick last night. There are red spots on the palate. The throat is very painful while swallowing. The girl is very weak, wants to be in her bed all the time.
The throat is so painful that she could hardly sleep at night. The doctor, who observed her in the morning, insisted on diagnosis: "herpetic angina".

The temperature is 37,5 C. She is calm. The photo is attached."


The prescription:  Give Ailanthus glandulosa 200 2 globules 3 times every 15 minutes. Then wait. Mail me the new photo tomorrow.

The letter 2, March 15, 2018, in the morning:

"Dear Eddy!
We have managed to get only Ailanthus 30, but the pharmacy will prepare the 200th for tomorrow. Last night she was feverish up to 38 C; 37,6 in the morning. The red spots on the palate have diminished, the pharynx is still very red and swollen. She has headache, and the swallowing is very painful. She had bad dreams in the night."

The prescription: Give Ailanthus glandulosa 200 every 3 hours.

The letter 3, March 15, 2018, in the evening:

"Thank you, Eddy!"


The letter 4, March 16, 2018:

"Dear Eddy,
the child took Ailanthus 200 every 3 hours, three times. Today the temperature is 36,5 C. The red spots have almost disappeared, the pharynx is reddish and swollen a bit.
The pain while swallowing is much less. The girl has been sleeping well at night, and she is in a cheerful mood."


Argumentation:  prostration at the onset of a disease is a leading indication.
Prostration worse than in Baptisia.

Low feverish state.
Hemorrhagic diathesis (petechia palate and throat).