Acute diverticulitis

Acute diverticulitis

A young 17 - 18 years old woman came under my care being diagnosed with acute diverticulitis.

She had been suffering from severe pains in colon descendens; constipation, sheep dung-like stool, covered with mucus. There is much fruitless urging.

I asked her: "Which position ameliorates your symptoms?"

She answered that the pain is worse when she is sitting down.



There is a rubric in Phatak's Repertorium: Sitting - down on first - agg



The prescription was Spigelia anthelmia 1m once.

Within 24 hours there was a considerable lessening of the abdominal pain. Her stool had also been normalized.

In 3 days an inflammation of the bladder came out. Two weeks before the onset of diverticulitis she had got her bladder inflamed, and she had been treated with antibiotics. This suppression could have triggered the outbreak of diverticulitis.

Eddy suggested to drink more and wait.

If the symptoms of this cystitis were quite severe, she would be recommended to take Spigelia in higher potency.