Laurocerasus cases

Two Laurocerasus cases.

Spigelia cases

Dear friends, As you probably (and hopefully) will remember the cases I showed with diverticulitis of the sigmoid cured with Spigelia. Read more >>

Left-sided pneumonia in a child

An Indian doctor asked Eddy to help with his case of left-sided pneumonia in a child. The child had been feverish for 5 days and the applied homeopathic treatment was not successful. Read more >>

Сase of influenza

The girl of 13 years of age had been suffering from flu. She experienced a myalgia with a high fever. She was restless and thirsty, constantly sipping water. Read more >>

Acute diverticulitis

A young 17 - 18 years old woman came under my care being diagnosed with acute diverticulitis. She had been suffered from severe pains in colon descendens; constipation, sheep dung-like stool, covered with mucus. There is much fruitless urging. Read more >>

Left-sided facial paralysis

The female aged patient had been suffering from left-sided facial paralysis for 5 months. An allopathic treatment did not bring any results. Read more >>


The letter 1, March 14, 2018: "Dear Eddy! Our daughter got sick last night. There are red spots on the palate. The throat is very painful while swallowing. The girl is very weak, wants to be in her bed all the time. Read more >>

Whooping cough

In the January evening of 2017, an eight-year-old unvaccinated girl suddenly got a severe dry cough. The next day the temperature rose to 39.5C... Read more >>


Dear FRIENDS, colleagues, doctors, ladies, students, Boy age 14. Attention Deficit Disorder. Herpes about lips regularly. Bed wetting till 10 years old. Read more >>


Dear colleagues, we would like to share with you the very interesting case of Eddy Thielens. He wrote about it via mail to his friends and we have kept his original style. You can not only see his professionalism, but also witness his modesty, thoughtfulness and respectful attitude towards his friends-students. Read more >>


I have attended your workshops in Homoeopathy in Moscow. I have a serious situation and I was wondering if you could help me with it. I stepped on a rusty nail about 2 months ago, which was curved and went half way through my sole. Read more >>