About me
About me

Born Diest, Belgium 2nd of June 1951.

Graduated cum laude at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, as a Medical Doctor.

O.R.L. co-internship for one year at the same university hospital.

Started general practice in Deurne - Diest in 1977.Conversed gradually to homeopathy in 1990. Specialisation for 2 years in Geriatrics at the University of Leuven. Graduated from this specialisation cum laude in July 1990. Started my first year training Classical Homeopathy in 1990 at the Flemish School for Unitary Homeopathy in Gent, Belgium. Graduated in 1994 at the International School for Classical Homeopathy at Hechtel, Belgium, after a 3 years training with the late Dr. Alfons Geukens. Teached and supervised at the same School for many years. Was invited by George Vithoulkas in 1997 to teach at his School in Alonissos, Greece from 1997 till 2000. After this teached for many years in Malta, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Israel, Bulgaria.

Was invited by Dr.Vera Sanina to teach in her School in Moscow.

«Teaching in Moscow was and is still a most intense experience, because of the skills and devotion of my students there. I also had the pleasure and honour to sense the warmth, love and hospitality of my students and patients in Moscow. A very unique experience. Every time again and again, they give me the will and power to go deeper and deeper into the teachings of our beloved founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The feedback from Moscow gives me strength and joy of life, for which I am thankful to all of you. The most ultimate goal is to find out together with all of you, what Hahnemann really wanted to teach us. Because one of the things he said was: "Imitate me, but imitate me well!" With the most warm feelings of love and respect to all my Russian students and patients, yours truly, Eddy Thielens».