March 27-28, 2021
Online seminar


Dear friends, dear colleagues, dear students!

Hahnemann writes in his Lesser Writings that the skill of a homeopath is especially tested in one sided diseases (Aph.177 et following in the Organon) and also in diseases where one or more symptoms are so overwhelming that there are no characterictic symptoms left. Both situations are the result of suppression, mostly for a long time.

After studying around 40 cases my conclusion is that, if I prescribed some correctly indicated nosode somewhere along the way, that the next acute, sometimes months later,presented themselves in homeopathic completeness.With sensation, modalities, concommittants, location. Meaning the way we as homeopath want a case to present itself. Not one sided anymore. Making life more easy for us again.

The fact that the nosode did not finish the case successfully is not so important here. But being a witness of the presence of a huge integrated power in a zymotic prescription, which is possible to bring back order in the patient’s economy, is a miraculous experience, both for patient and doctor. So once again we can be gratefull to have the genius of Dr.Burnett as one of our teachers.He showed us the way.

We all know dear friends, that after a successfull prescription for an acute, constitutional and miasmatic symptoms, totally hidden by acute symptoms, will rise to the surface again and make the progress possible in chronic treatment. Every acute, not properly treated, will manifest itself later on in another acute, less and less clear in symptomatology.That is what we call suppression.That is how we reach unfortunately the stages of one-sideness and overwhelming symptoms again, which bring us a lot of painstaking troubles.

Next topic will be : Unorthodox yet successful prescribing.